Shopping Cart Series: H & R Blocked Behind Bars

Shopping cart in need of rescue.

I can’t be sure about this, but I think this building at Sheepshead Bay Road and East 16th Street used to be the H & R Block office.

I was kidnapped and brought here to help with the office cleanup. That explains the toilet paper and the paper towels that I’m loaded up with. The big question is: why are they even bothering cleaning this dump up, anyway? The last I heard this entire strip is set to be demolished by Acadia management. They’re just waiting for Citibank two doors down to vacate and the whole place is going to be razed. Anyway, that’s the word we’re getting behind these bars.

If anyone on the outside knows more, let me know. I’m loaded with some of the finest fluffy, white stuff you’ve ever seen (known by the street names of Charmin and Bounty) and as soon as you load me up in the getaway truck, I’ll hook you up real good.