Shopping Cart Series: A Good Sport

Sporty cart. (Photo by Ray Johnson)

They said they would take me to Edward R. Murrow High School (1600 Avenue L). They got me all excited about the fancy ballfield across the street.

I was thinking I could get involved with some sports and other extracurricular activities, in between my academic activities. They were thinking they would use me to cart all these bats and sports equipment. The only activity I get is when the coach rolls me from the locked room behind the gym across the street to the playfield. That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “honor roll”.

Sometimes, they bring out my other shopping cart friends (sorry, no pic, ‘cuz the coach wouldn’t allow it) and all three of us cart the equipment out. Those two other schleps said that they were told they were going to participate in PSAL, but, there’s no PSAL sports, here!

So, we just keep goin’ on ‘dis honor roll’ and try to be good sports about it.


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