Sheepshead's Residents Spend $234/Month Eating Out

The economy may have tanked, but residents of Sheepshead Bay still enjoy the night out – and we’re spending hundreds of dollars per month doing it.

Grub Street put together a revealing compilation by neighborhood of restaurant spending, and pegged the Coney Island to Sheepshead Bay area at $116 to $234 a month. This might seem like a whopper of a bill compared to the community with the tightest belt: Brownsville’s residents spend just $25 a month. And we seem like downright spendthrift’s next to residents of the Rockefeller Center zip code, who shell out $2,398 on overpriced grub. In Brooklyn, the biggest spenders (Downtown–Brooklyn Heights–Slope) pay between $290 and $711.

In reality, though, we’re somewhere near the middle. Most outerborough and northward Manhattan neighborhoods hover between $100 and $300 a month – the same as us. So don’t feel guilty for those evening runs for clams and beer at Randazzo’s – our spending is perfectly normal.