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Sheepshead Senior Brutalizes Ft. Hamilton Senior


An 83-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident beat up a 99-year-old Fort Hamilton man on Monday, leading to charges of assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon.

Gersh Gofman left Steve Pulwers, who is nearly blind, with broken ribs and a broken nose after hitting him in the face with a steering wheel club. Pulwers managed to anger Gofman by asking him to move his car, which was blocking his building’s driveway.

According to, “Pulwers, a survivor of Stalin’s forced labor camps, told reporters that the most shocking thing he remembered about the attack was the thought that he was being attacked by another Jew.”

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  1. You'd think that by that age, the rage would have been worked out of his system. It's sad for the older old man, especially after all he's been through in life, to suffer this way.

  2. This must be turned into another source of revenue for the City: Ultimate Senior Fights (sponsored by Depends). Just imagine all the revenue flowing into Bloomie's coffers. Are you reading this Mr. Mayor?


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