Sheepshead Bay Starbucks’ Neighbor a Disappointment

99 Cent Store Opens in Sheepshead Bay

Mystery solved. Signs went up this morning, and the new business on Nostrand Avenue and Gravesend Neck Road will be yet another 99ȼ store.

When we first reported (to a lukewarm reception [and here,too])  that the Starbucks next door was to open in December, we didn’t yet know who the neighbor would be. Starbucks, after all, was to take up a small section of the two-unit retail lot, with the bulk going to a mystery biz. But we’ve gotta admit, we’re totally underwhelmed by this announcement.

USA 99ȼ store has a few other locations in the city, usually in working-class and lower-income neighborhoods. And honestly, we have nothing against them. But the arrival of Starbucks, with nearby Brennan & Carr, some good pizza in the area, a much cleaner looking KFC, and a host of newer, better businesses along the avenue – we were really hoping for something that would continue to signal a turnaround of that lackluster section of Nostrand. But this is more of the same. Does Sheepshead Bay need another 99ȼ store?

(Photo and tip courtesy of Arthur B.)