Sheepshead Bay Rapper Occupies The Interwebs

A web video from a Sheepshead Bay rapper is circulating over the web, in which the auteur hopes to educate youth on the importance of Occupy Wall Street, reports the Medical Daily.

The rapper told former Sheepshead Bites writer Angelina Tala that he was inspired by the “change” to do the video and that he supports the protesters’ cause.

“I was inspired by the people, the fact that they came together to fight for change in this country,” said Rew York, whose real name is Andrew Febbraro. “It is a beautiful thing because it has been a very long time since we’ve seen the people come together trying to enforce change.”

The video was filmed two weeks ago at Zuccotti Park, the site of the protest for the past two months. The name of the video is “Run (The Occupy Movement Endures)”, featuring Dakota McLeod. In one part of the video it shows an image of a tombstone with “Middle Class’ engraved, which is what many protesters believe has happened in American society.

York is targeting his message at the younger generation who he feels doesn’t fully understand what is going on.


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