SBHS 70's Alum Succumbs to H1N1

(Photos courtesy of: The Online Sheepshead Bay High School 1970 Topaz website, on left; Daily News-NY Local, on right)

On Saturday, the reports were coming in that a Queens resident, Mitchell Wiener, was showing a slight improvement from the complications arising from the H1N1 virus that caused him to be hospitalized.

By Sunday, his situation had taken a sad turn and the news reported that Mr. Wiener had succumbed to the illness.

Mitchell Wiener was known as a wonderful person by all and he was very much loved on the campus of I.S. 238, where he was the dedicated Assistant Principal. The students at the school have such fond memories of him, that they have launched two Facebook sites — one named, In memory of Mitchell Wiener and the other R.I.P. Mitchell Wiener.

News reports mention that Mr. Wiener had graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School and Brooklyn College. With the graduating classes of the 1970’s being as tight-knit as they are known to be, it is very likely that he maintained close ties with his Sheepshead Bay roots.

To all of Mr. Wiener’s family and loved ones, as well as his academic community from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn to Hollis, Queens, we would like to offer our condolences.

[This post has been edited to show the correct spelling of Mitchell Wiener’s surname.]