Sheepshead Bay H.S. Teacher Resigns After Allegedly Asking Student About Anal Sex

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sheepshead Bay High School (3000 Avenue X) teacher Bart Ocuto resigned in September after complaints were filed of inappropriate and distasteful conversations with several female students, including an alleged incident in which he cornered one girl and asked her about anal sex.

The New York Daily News describes some of the allegations:

Schools investigators were summoned to the D-rated school in March 2011 and met with a female student who said Ocuto cornered her in class, interrogating her about anal sex.
When she responded by asking him the same question, he demurred, saying, “I don’t discuss my sex life in the classroom,” according to two students interviewed by the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigations.
Another female student said the raunchy science instructor asked her to have his name tattooed on her buttocks, and told her he was aroused because “I’m going to see my ex today.”
Yet another girl said that Ocuto asked her “what base” she reached with her boyfriend. Ocuto described “first base” as “tongue and touching,” second base as a “b— job” and third base as “all the way,” investigators said.

The Daily News spoke to Ocuto over the phone where he said that he was being targeted for being a whistle-blower on grade tampering on the Regents exam, and because he was an older man making a lot of money.

“I am a simple man,” said Ocuto. “I’ve never done anything like that in my life. I’m heartbroken over this.”

Ocuto admitted to having three students over his apartment, but he says it was for “service credit.” Also, he asked a student if he was a member of the Bloods or Crips, but he says he did it to lighten up the mood.

Ocuto is currently a teacher at a private school.