Sheepshead Bay Grandmother Wins Beauty Pageant

Shifra Blinova (l) was crowned 'Queen Grandmother' in the over-69 category and Bella Deley, (r.) won in the under-69 category.

Here’s proof that some things do get better with age.

After four years of competing, an 86-year-old Sheepshead Bay woman was finally crowned Queen Grandmother at the “Your Highness Grandmother Pageant,” a competition tailored to older gals.

Shifra Blinova, a former World War II nurse, used her invigorating energy to win over judges at the Sunday event, all of whom were neighborhood grandfathers. For the talent portion of the competition, Blinova sang a Russian song with her two granddaughters. Singing is a favorite pastime for the former Ukraine resident.

“Instead of sitting on a bench and gossiping about the neighbors, I like to sing and perform,” she told the Daily News.

Victory was sweet for Blinova after her many attempts to take home the crown. “I never expected to be crowned Queen Grandmother,” Blinova said. “I thought everyone forgot about me. I was ready to go home crying.”

Another winning Sheepshead Bay resident was Bella Deleu-Bard, who won the age 69 and younger category. The 65-year old beauty winner wowed the judges with a Spanish dance routine accompanied by her 20-year old grandson, Roma Khaves.

The beauty pageant was sponsored by Be Proud, a Brooklyn Community organization.

The winners of the competition went home happily with a glass trophy and a new couch to beautify their homes.


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