Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market Closes

Too often when we talk about Sheepshead Bay’s gourmet markets, we talk about Cherry Hill Gourmet. That’s too bad, ’cause it means we’ve been ignoring one of our local faves – Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market on Avenue Z.

Until last week, the business had two locations – a fruit and vegetable market on East 18th Street (also called Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market), and the hot food market at East 16th Street.

The latter has closed for good, workers have confirmed.

It’s too bad, because we never got to extol the virtues of this spot, where you could grab one of the better cups of coffee in the Bay, or pick up a fresh spinach pie in the morning. Sure, you may still be able to grab these items at the back of the fruit and veggie market, but the East 16th Street location had something more going for it: excellent service.

The pair of workers behind the counter – whose names I regret never asking – were always kind and friendly, and always remembered my order. I don’t know if they’ll continue on at the East 18th Street location, but I wish them luck, and thanks for always remembering the hazelnut.