Sharp Exchange Reveals Ongoing Beachside Tensions

Things might be getting a bit more lovey-dovey in Manhattan Beach between its two civic associations, but as the video above shows, tensions remain between the elder of the two groups and the community’s private security patrol.

That’s not really to say things are calm between the civic groups – the Manhattan Beach Community Group and the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association. They still have issues to work out, and it’s a far cry from unity. But the common ground on traffic safety issues has them agreeing on some points, and, though no one’s holding their breath or willing to be quoted, it appears that a joint effort of some sort is making headway.

But back to Beachside Patrol. During the new business section of Manhattan Beach Community Group’s November 17 meeting, former Beachside Patrol President Albert Hasson appealed to the group for permission to present monthly safety reports. Hasson was hoping that MBCG President Ira Zalcman’s repeated offer to welcome MBNA back into their fold would be extended his way.

But it wasn’t, and that resulted in some F-bomb dropping.

Zalcman referred to a motion passed by the MBCG two years ago, banning the Patrol from making presentations until a set of questions had been answered. The patrol was previously a part of the group, but went its own way around the time the MBNA was formed. As questions about membership and usage of funds went unanswered, MBCG took the patrol off their insurance, depriving them of thousands of dollars.

The patrol almost went bust at the beginning of 2010, barely scraping by after a membership drive, and Hasson stepped down. He was replaced by Ted Kleynerman, who, according to Zalcman, answered the questions – but not to his satisfaction. Kleynerman only gave current information, dating back to his appointment as president and not Hasson’s tenure.

Zalcman and the MBCG executive committee do not believe their requests have been met, and the two-year-old motion barring Beachside from addressing the group remains.

And that’s the context for the brief, but sharp, exchange in the video above.


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