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Servue Appliance Repair

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Vinnie, Owner and Operator of Servue Appliance Repairs

Date: December 23, 2011
Problem: Ice in our freezer is melting and we are hosting Christmas Eve.
Time called: Just after sending kids to school.
Time arrived: 2:30pm, then again at 6:15pm after buying a part.

My husband called Servue Appliance Repairs because they came highly recommended on Park Slope Parents and Yelp. Servue promised to come out that afternoon, on Christmas Eve’s eve. While my cousin and husband deveined cardoons, Vinnie Teixeira of Servue breathed life into our dying refrigerator.

Date: Easter Sunday, 2012
Problem: Oven is not hot. Nope, still not hot. Actually, I think it’s even colder than when we started punching buttons.
Time called: First thing Monday morning. We couldn’t bear to call on Easter.
Time arrived: 1:30pm Monday.

Monday afternoon I bounced the baby on my hip and chatted up Vinny about my appliances and his business. After I realized the extent of his success, he gave me a business tip: Hand out business cards.

Vinnie, a retired police officer and life-long Brooklyn resident, owns and operates Servue Appliance Repairs. If you call Servue, you’ll get either Vinnie or his nephew, Jimmy. Between the two of them they keep Ditmas Park residents’ appliances running smoothly.

College, for whatever reason, wasn’t in the cards for Vinnie, and he realized in order to support a family, he would have to work hard and heed good advice. Often, that advice came from his own father. Sage advice like, “Show up on time, and treat people honestly.” Yelp reviews overwhelmingly comment on Vinnie’s ethics in addition to his skills.

Why are we lucky enough to have Vinnie fixing our appliances? After Vinnie retired from the police force he felt too young to live on retirement for eternity. He already knew how to fix appliances, as while he was in the force, he also owned a couple pizzerias. Ditmas Park, a 10-minute drive from his home neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, sports ample parking was the perfect neighborhood to set up shop.

Vinnie knows his appliances. I asked if my oven would last until I renovated my kitchen. “It’ll last,” he insisted. He also suggested to call before I buy new appliances. He knows which brands are reputable.

I hope you’re serious, Vinnie, and you remember your promise a decade from now. That is how long it’ll take for me to save the funds for a renovation. In the meantime, if the dishwasher goes during the next holiday, I’m calling Vinnie at Servue Appliance Repair at 718-859-6363 or 718-788-2426.

Please note: neither Vinnie nor Servue Appliance Repair paid us to do this post. Sometimes exceptional service prompts people to share and recommend. If you’ve had exceptional service from a business in the neighborhood, we hope you’ll share with us and your neighbors. Please email us at


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