Sergey Mamontov Gets 25 Years To Life For Butchering Roommate On Nostrand Ave

The Nostrand Avenue building where Sergeny Mamontov chopped up his roommate, Aleksandr Zilbergleyt. Source: Google Maps

Sergey Mamontov, the 50-year-old lunatic who brutally butchered his 55-year-old roommate Aleksandr Zilbergleyt received a 25 years to life sentence on Monday.

The New York Daily News reported that Mamontov’s case horrified jurors and the prosecution, especially when he took the stand and explained in graphic detail how he disposed of Zilbergleyt’s body by cutting it up into thousands of pieces, throwing his fingers into Sheepshead Bay and running his brain through a meat grinder.

Melissa Carvajal, a prosecutor in the case described the crime as so “horrendous, horrific, gruesome” that Zilbergleyt’s family “couldn’t attend the trial because they simply couldn’t hear the details.”