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Sergey Mamontov Found Guilty Of Roommate’s Gruesome Murder

The Nostrand Avenue building where Sergeny Mamontov chopped up his roommate, Aleksandr Zilbergleyt. Source: Google Maps

A Brooklyn jury took only 15 minutes to convict Sergey Mamontov of brutally murdering his Sheepshead Bay roommate, Aleksandr Zilbergleyt, according to a report by the New York Daily News. The two shared an apartment at 3395 Nostrand Avenue between Avenue T and Avenue U.

The actions of Mamontov, explained in graphic detail to a jury last week, were so horrible that one juror admitted to needing psychiatric assistance after being subjected to the evidence.

“I’m going to see a shrink right now,” a shaken 62-year-old juror told the Daily News after the panel found Sergey Mamonov guilty of murder.

“It was just torture,” the retired woman said of seeing the graphic and gruesome evidence at trial. “I didn’t sleep at all last night.”

While the 50-year-old Mamontov admitted that he and Zilbergleyt had problems, Mamontov claimed that Zilbergleyt died accidentally. Not trusting the police, Mamontov went about disposing the corpse himself by cutting Zilbergleyt’s body into thousands of pieces, storing them in bleach bottles and putting the brain through a meat grinder.

Mamontov would have been successful in getting away with his crimes if he hadn’t confessed them to a friend.

Jurors refused to buy Mamontov’s defense that his actions resulted because of an accident.

“He had no remorse for anything. He didn’t even say sorry,” a 56-year-old male juror told the Daily News. “It brings you to understand how cruel a human can be.”

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