Cyclist Says Senator Marty Golden Impersonated A Cop, Senator Disagrees

Cyclist Says Senator Marty Golden Impersonated A Cop, Senator Disagrees

SUNSET PARK – Brian Howald, a cyclist, accused NY State Senator Marty Golden of impersonating a cop and telling him he was going to “take [him] “to the precinct,” Howald tweeted. Senator says, he said no such thing.

Brian Howald was cycling to a community board meeting in Sunset Park on Monday Dec. 11. He was in the bike lane on Third Avenue, when a car came up to him and told him to move over, NY1 reports.

Howald did not move. He realized that the man sitting in the passenger seat talking to him was the one and only, Senator Marty Golden.

That is indeed Golden, as he tweeted a photo of him wearing the same tie the same day.

“The passenger then told me he was a police officer,” Howald told the Daily News. “He repeated his demand that I pull over and waved what appeared to be a laminated placard out the window at me.”

According to Howald’s tweets, “… at first, I thought @SenMartyGolden was gesturing to the right because he wanted to pull into the lot. I kindly obliged and moved forward 15 feet so that he could turn into the lot.”

Golden told NY1 that he never pretended to be a cop and that they drove unto the bike lane to avoid blocking the road box. He also told the cyclist to “get a life,” according to NY1.

But Howald then tweeted that Golden’s claim was entirely fictitious. He used photos to make his point.

Howald claims that Golden ran through red lights to avoid having their photos taken by him. According to NYC Open Data, the number plate on the car the senator was in, has faced a lot of violations.

After the NY1 interview, Golden then went on Twitter to reiterate that he did not claim to be a police officer.

Golden released this statement yesterday:

“As I told New York 1 News in my exclusive interview yesterday, today I repeat that despite Brian Howald’s accusations, at no time in the exchange did I identify myself as a NYPD Officer. By taking personal responsibility for the policing of traffic, Mr. Howald unnecessarily escalated this situation and created an unsafe environment for all involved
including himself.”

He then went on to say that this isn’t the first time Howald has “aggressively engaged a motorist.”

Howald expressed his agreement with the last statement.

In the end, Howald hoped for the best in the future, saying  “Although they may not be the most amicable, @SenMartyGolden, I do hope that our chats will strengthen the case for safer streets in New York City.”


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