Secret NYPD Report: Milestone Park Is Albanian [UPDATED]

Milestone Park (Source: Google Maps)

Did you know that Milestone Park on 18th Avenue is Albanian? It is according to a secret NYPD report obtained by the Associated Press.

It seems that the NYPD Demographics Unit, which has come under fire from New Jersey officials and leaders in the Islamic Community for spying on Muslim Americans without warrants or evidence of wrongdoing, was also busy in Bensonhurst.

The unit classified gathering places such as Cafe Nido (7909 18th Ave) and Milestone Park (18th Ave bet. 81st and 82nd) as “Albanian.”

In addition to the five boroughs, the NYPD conducted some surveillance operations outside of its jurisdiction in New Jersey.

Last Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress that “he’s disturbed by what he’s read about the New York Police Department conducting surveillance of mosques and Islamic student organizations in New Jersey,” writes the A.P.

Holder did not elaborate on whether he was disturbed by the NYPD’s tactics, or the fact that it operated outside of New York City.

You can read all about such nefarious activities as “getting together for a game of chess, backgammon, or just to have a conversation,” on page 37 of the report, which we’ve provided below.

[Hat tip to Brian Hedden of Bay Ridge Odyssey for bringing this to our attention.]

NYPD — Albanian Locations of Concern