Dog Was Shot and Killed by Off-Duty Secret Service Agent in Windsor Terrace

Dog covered with sheet at the scene of the incident. Courtesy of Citizen.

WINDSOR TERRACE — An off-duty Secret Service agent shot and killed a leashed dog being walked Monday night, police said.

The agent, whose name has not been released, was on the corner of E. 8th Street and Caton Place in Windsor Terrace around 9:45 p.m. when he came across a couple, police said, walking with a dog. The NY Daily News reported it was a female Belgian Shepherd.

The agent was startled when the dog started barking, and pulled out his gun and shot the animal. The dog died from its wounds at the scene.

Cops said the U.S. secret service is investigating the incident.

Walter Blankinship, 51, the stable master at the nearby Kensington Stables, was across the street outside the stables when he heard the shot, the NY Daily News reported.

“There was a guy and a girl and another guy. A gunshot went off, just one,” Blankinship told NY Daily News. “The [dog’s owner] was cursing and ranting at the other man, ‘I can’t f—ing believe you let the gun go off.’”

A U.S. Secret Service spokesperson told Bklyner in a statement: “An off duty Secret Service employee was involved in the shooting of an unrestrained and aggressive canine in Brooklyn, NY yesterday. As this is an ongoing investigation, the Secret Service will not have further comment.”

However, in a photo from the incident’s scene, the leash is still attached to the animal after it was shot. Although, some sources say, the dog was wearing a leash but unsecured from its owner who was not present.

Dog Fatally Shot by Secret Service Agent @CitizenApp

33 Caton Pl Yesterday 9:53:52 PM EST

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Irina Groushevaia

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  1. The dog was attached to a leash BUT the owners weren’t holding the other end of it – and they admitted to this! So now that we know that the dog wasn’t restrained, let’s wait for the video footage of what actually led up to this, instead of just sharing tidbits of information. I, personally, had an encounter with this dog a few months back when passing by it running (unleashed) in the little dog park on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. Although the fence prevented it from making contact, it still startled and frightened me when it barked loudly and aggressively charged towards me. Was its bark bigger than his bite? – don’t know, but glad I didn’t have to find out. It didn’t quiet down, nor back away from the fence, until the owners finally reprimanded it. The owners offered no apology to me, which didn’t infuriate me as much as their suppressed smiles and muffled laughter over the incident. They seemed quite amused by how their dog scared the hell out of me! Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that I’m so sorry about what happened to the dog. It didn’t deserve to be shot, nor did it deserve such immature, irresponsible owners – who are partially to blame for this tragedy.

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