Sea Queen VII Captain Snuffs Out Mutiny

Captain Steven Ventura of the Sea Queen VII struck back against an aspiring thief Saturday night, foiling the plans of a knife-wielding dunce.

According to the NY Post, Ventura was off the coast of Coney Island around 11:20 p.m. with 15 passengers when he noticed the sinkers from his fishing lines vanishing. When he spotted the culprit, a fight ensued in which the thief, Joseph Neuer, brandished a knife. Ventura avoided injury as he slugged the would-be robber, and passengers and crew bound him with duct tape. When they docked at the Sheepshead Bay marina, police arrested the felon and charged him with third-degree assault, menacing, harassment, and petit larceny.

From the NY Post:

He spotted one of the passengers — identified by police sources as Joseph Neuer, 38, of the Upper East Side — at the side of the boat, allegedly cutting them off and stuffing them into his pocket.
Ventura confronted Neuer, who allegedly reacted by swinging a knife.
Neuer didn’t stab Ventura, but then tried to clock him while clutching a fistful of the metal sinkers, the sources said.
After Ventura dodged the punch and slugged him, Neuer allegedly sprayed the stunned captain with Mace.
Another passenger then helped Ventura subdue Neuer, who briefly broke free and punched the captain in the jaw, according to the sources.
Ventura and the passenger were then finally able to hold Neuer down and duct-tape his legs.