Schumer Loves Brooklyn Biking

Senator Charles Schumer, a Park Slope resident, wrote an article for Huffington Post about his life-long love affair with biking through our borough.

Starting in Brighton Beach and riding north through Brooklyn, always reminds me what makes this borough so special. As I watch the neighborhood go from predominantly Russian, through a veritable rainbow of ethnicities, to Polish in Greenpoint and the northern tip of Brooklyn, I feel like I’ve been around the world.
But this journey is not one that can be undertaken in a car – you’d miss the details, the human scale, and the pace of life as you fly by. Even walking won’t do – you won’t be able to cover nearly enough ground. To really get to know New York, you’ve got to ride a bicycle.

He mentions the tasty joints where he likes to end his rides, as well as how biking gives him the opportunity to interact with his constituents and see the development – “our inner city neighborhoods come back”. We hope he takes a few rides through Sheepshead Bay and witnesses what development has done here – the good and the bad.

If you feel like reading the good senator’s musings – and perhaps reading the pages of comments ripping him a new one for biking and not working on healthcare reform – check it out here.