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Scam Alert: Two New Threats To Neighborhood


The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator Marty Golden:

State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today is alerting local residents to two scam attempts brought to his attention which sought to obtain personal information for the purposes of fraud.

One resident yesterday reported a phone call from someone claiming to work for the Kings County Clerk’s Office threatening that failure to provide personal information would result in the termination of their Social Security benefits. Personal information requested included a marriage license, and when the local resident refused to give information, the person left a telephone number to return the call which was affiliated with the County Clerk’s office.

Senator Golden’s office has reported this matter to the Kings County Clerk’s Office and the Inspector General of the Office of Court Administration will be notified about this incident.

Another area resident reported today door to door visits from people claiming to be part of the Verizon preparation for FIOS. These individuals also are requesting significant personal information under the guise of Verizon, who states the company never sends people soliciting door to door. Verizon has been notified of this incident by Senator Golden’s office.

“I bring these two incidents to the attention of the neighborhood in an effort to alert people and prevent identity theft and fraud. The alarming reality is that there are people looking to prey on our residents, especially our seniors, in an attempt to open fake credit card accounts, withdraw money from banking accounts, and more. Identity theft has become the number one financial and consumer crime, causing individuals to lose their good financial standing and credit ratings,” said Senator Marty Golden.

Senator Golden has pamphlets available in his office entitled, “Special Report to Consumers, Protect Yourself From Identity Theft”. To obtain a copy, please contact Senator Golden’s District Office at (718) 238-6044 or via email at [email protected]

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  1. i’m sure the cops or detectives can Trace the calls……

    if they haven’t done this already they are fuckin slacking off….. and waiting for something fucked up to happen first….

    LOL Been watching Law & Order SVU Yo! 

  2.  however, Thanks for letting us know, i’ll be sure to tell my grandparents if some asshat knocks on the door to shoot him and ask questions later.

  3. Wait, Verizon doesn’t send people door to door? A middle aged woman and a late teens/early 20’s looking dude came to my door a month or so ago trying to sign people up for FiOS. I told em to bug off cause I’m not interested but I had no idea they were scammers

  4. I worked for Verizon for 24 years.  The company has never, ever sent people door to door to solicit their products.  Plus, ALL Verizon employees carry IDs.  Always be sure to ask to see their ID Cards.  This goes for anyone who comes to your door.  I hope that you did not give them any info.

  5. Given the fact that at least some people are alert to this scam, it’s amazing that these people would go door to door in an apartment building knowing that someone might drop a dime on them.  If anyone sees this going on, call 911.  If the police come and don’t make an arrest, at least for criminal impersonation, get their badge numbers and ask the precinct captain why they’re not prepared for what is obviously serial criminality right under their noses.  And take photos and videos, record conversations, and get statements from neighbors who have been solicited.  These vermin exist because they know that most people will do nothing to stop them.

  6. Just this evening, a nice, well-dressed young man came to my door claiming to represent IDT Energy and said that, if I would show him my electric bill, he would show me how to save money by switching to his company’s green energy program.  I declined, and I then called IDT to ask if they used door-to-door reps, and they said that they did.  So I assume that the guy was for real (although he could have been a phony, too).  Problem here is that, when companies do have field reps going door-to-door, how does one know the real ones from the impersonators?  Canvassing solicitors, telemarketers, spam scammers, and even direct mailers all seduce our confidence and can coax all but the most skeptical into divulging personal information.  One can never be safe enough, or careful enough.  What a world, what a world.  🙁

  7.  IDT does this, but the method they use is not legal. Unfortunately it is the type of crime that the NYPD does not feel the need to act upon.


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