Savino: Cuomo Not A ‘Chooch’

source: Azi Paybarah via Flickr

Yesterday, New York State political website Capital asked State Senator Diane Savino if Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans for next year’s budget would be revenue neutral – meaning the state’s income from taxes would neither increase nor decrease under his new progressive tax proposals.

Savino replied that further tax revenue would be needed just to cover the costs of Cuomo’s current commitments – including an increase in spending for education and health care by four percent, as well as finding funds for his new jobs program.

According to Capital, the new tax code is expected to include increases for New Yorkers with higher incomes and decreases for New Yorkers with lower incomes.

However, Savino warns that there will be no restoration of the cuts made in this year’s budget – cutbacks that helped state government close a $10 billion deficit without tax increases.

From Capital:

“That’s all he needs,” she said, referring to the money for education, health care and job-creation. “He ain’t doing any more. And if people are deluding themselves into thinking he’s going to raise enough revenue and then restore everything he cut, they are suffering from delusions. He’s not going to do that.”
Savino said, “If we went back and just restored everything, he would be the biggest chooch* ever. Why go through this?”


State Senator Diane Savino represents District 23, which includes much of the North Shore of Staten Island. In Brooklyn, District 23 includes Coney Island, as well as parts of Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Borough Park and Bensonhurst. Senator Savino also chairs the Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families.