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Save The B4! Transit Town Hall Meeting TONIGHT!


Don’t forget: Sheepshead Bites is hosting a Transit Town Hall to push for the restoration of the B4 service, as well as to convey to our elected officials how important public transportation is to our community.

The event, held in conjunction with Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Association and Transportation Alternatives’ Rider Rebellion Campaign, will kick off at 7:00 p.m. at Baron DeKalb – Knights of Columbus (3000 Emmons Avenue).

This is not an MTA gripe session. We’re not looking for generic complaints about the system, but proposals to fix the problems plaguing commuters. Among the issues to be discussed are:

  • Restoring full B4 service from Coney Island Hospital to Knapp Street (and perhaps tweaking the route to better serve residents)
  • Propose alterations to the B44 SBS route, which will replace the B44 Limited
  • Suggestions for better riding conditions on other bus and subway lines in the neighborhood

More information can be found on our previous post.

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  1. Unfortunatly it looks like I will be staying late at work tonight and therefor will not make it. Ironically, it also means I will miss the B4 cutoff time and will have to take a cab home. So that’s that. Hope it is a productive session.

  2. I was hoping to make it, but I had to stay late at work. How did it go? Did anybody take Cymbrowitz to task for voting in 2009 to divert dedicated NYC-area transit funds to the state’s general fund, triggering the need for cuts in NYC-area transit? Has he been convinced that public transportation is more important to his constituents than he thought in 2009? What is he planning to do in the future to solve the problem?

  3. Would have loved for you to come and tell the people how the B4 is not necessary and a luxury that the MTA cannot afford. I guess you will just have to wait for Ned’s article to find out how it went.

  4. If you’re going to put words in my mouth, you could at least get them right. 

    I’d love to see the full B4 come back, but it costs money. Assemblyman Cymbrowitz voted to steal dedicated NYC-area transit funds and send them to the state’s general fund, and he should be held accountable for that vote. If Cymbrowitz doesn’t think that transit should be funded properly, that’s his prerogative, but his constituents should remember that at the polls. He can profess support for transit all he likes, but talk is cheap. The B4 was cut because of a funding shortfall; what source of funding has he found to pay to reinstate it?

    (By the way, Sheepshead Bay wasn’t the only part of the city to be hit by the cuts. 
    Lots of neighborhoods want their old services back, so when the MTA does find funding, it won’t all go to Brooklyn. Have you spoken to any Bx34 riders?)


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