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Saturday: Family-Friendly Activities Scheduled For “It’s My Park Day” In Marine Park

Marine Park. Source: vero222 / Flickr
Marine Park. Source: vero222 / Flickr

There will be a variety of free activities for all ages during “It’s My Park Day,” this Saturday, May 17, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., inside and outside of the Carmine Carro Community Center in Marine Park, Fillmore Avenue at Marine Parkway.

Enjoy simulated cow milking, storytelling, a presentation about the neighborhood’s historic Lott House, and various exhibits — all scheduled, rain or shine.

You can learn more about “It’s My Park Day” in Marine Park by going here. For more information, call (212) 360-1310 or email [email protected].

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  1. Thanks, but now we’ve got conflicting info. The notice we received did indeed say 12-4. I tried calling the Parks Dept number for info, but got voicemail. I tried calling the Lott House people doing the archaeology activities and got voicemail. I contacted Golden’s office, which confirmed 12-4.

    At the moment, I’m inclined to believe the 12-4 timeline (Golden’s office actually gave me the breakdown of activities by hour, so I think that’s pretty solid). If I hear any different, I’ll edit and announce the change on social media.

    Thanks again. I do appreciate it.

  2. Sorry… I was so taken by its beauty, selected it, then when I thought better of it (for the reason you mentioned), my computer got all slow and freeze-y, and I had to get ready for work, so I just went with it.

  3. Hey, it’s not like a pasted a tree “stump grinding day” sticker advertisement next to a story on prosthetic limbs.

  4. Simulated cow milking? Are they gonna show the kiddies how cows are repeatedly artificially inseminated, howl and cry as their newborns taken away from them to suffer in little crates until they can be slaughtered for veal? Are they going to show them how we then hook up the mother to machines to pump every last drop of milk from her until it’s time to start the process again? Will they tell them that after 2-3 years of this when the Mommy is spent she will go to be slaughtered for chuck chopped? Are they going to educate the kids about how much pus and blood the USDA allow in the milk? How much hormones, antibiotics and other drugs are in there? I have to go just to see what rosy propaganda the dairy industry is trying to sell!

  5. Oh goody, as a sadist I love this stuff! Next time I hope it’s pig moms in gestation crates!

  6. Ed, regarding last night’s session, “A good meeting should be immortal, not eternal”. You were too nice not to give her the hook.

  7. Why turn a benign post, intended for families and enjoyers of the Great Outdoors, into this horror show?

  8. Because it is aggravating to me that the billion dollar dairy industry is allowed to come and present the rosy picture of the happy cow being milked by a happy milkmaid, leaving enough for the happy baby. It’s BS. Unless your paying for grass fed organic, the reality is much different. The meat and dairy industries are run not by farmers anymore, all taken over by big corporations who care nothing about these being thinking, feeling mammals, only how much more money they can milk out of them. Just 30 years ago it was much different and consumers are unaware or like you wish to not think about the reality. I suggest that you find out what your eating and just how much suffering and agony is involved. “If the screams and moans of the animals used to provide for us could be heard, the sound would be deafening. If their misery and suffering could be felt by us, it would be unbearable. Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight” Albert Schweitzer

  9. It’s amazing how dozens of individuals will come to a whale or dolphin in distress and hoe everyone gets o upset when dogs and cats are mistreated or abused. But when it comes to food animals hardly anyone cares about how they are treated and the conditions they are kept. They have no rights at all.

  10. That’s right! People don’t realize that farm animals are EXEMPTED from even the meager cruelty laws that exist in some states. It was one of the items that had the recent farm bill hung up. The Republicans were holding out to even further gut the already pitiful oversight of the industry. Add to this any corruption in the inspection process – if you can believe that exists and it is basically a free for all. The undercover videos taken in all sorts of ‘factories’ tell part of the tale. So what does the industry do? Instead of trying to clean up their industry they instead throw millions of dollars at politicians to introduce ag gag bills to make the taping illegal. I wish more people did care. Mercy for Animals.

  11. You’re wrong, re: “…and consumers are unaware or like you wish to not think about the reality.” I know more than you assume I do. But your comment is the written word equivalent of the PETA people taking cans of red paint and dumping it on a random person wearing a fur coat. Do I agree with you? Absolutely. You think I don’t know about horrible gestation crates and slaughterhouses? I love all animals, and advocate for them any chance I get, but I will not run into Morton’s Steakhouse or Peter Luger and disrupt the diners with my unwelcome diatribe on the treatment of farm animals. Rather, I will write a letter to my local representative, sign a petition, or maybe even participate in a rally. All I’m saying is, time and place.

  12. I have never run into any of those places either. I also sign petitions and even rally, donate money, But I also will, and have the freedom to do so, make a blog comment against a phoney baloney cow milking demonstration designed to indoctrinate children into thinking it’s all so friendly and humane. And that milk is even good for them. You say you love them, and advocate for them but are you still eating them? Still part of the machine? The best place to start if you truly care is on your own plate.


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