Sand Thieves in Brighton Beach? You Tell Us

Stealing Sand in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

We admit: we have no idea what the laws, regulations, standards or whatever are on this topic. But reader Arthur B. wrote in – suspicions all aroused – so we figured it best to pass this on to the larger community, and you can fill us in.

Here’s what Arthur wrote:

I saw a bunch of construction workers stacking and moving open sand bags in the area of 3101-3111 Brighton 2nd. I’m no expert but since when are sandbags open like that? I think they are stealing the sand from our public beach (though I did not see them do that). They quickly took the bags out of my field of vision (I think into the basement of 3101). I also have a pic of the truck I think they were using which has sand all over it. When I questioned the workers they were evasive and refused to answer me in English!

Does anyone know if this is illegal? Ought it to be reported? First ten people with information leading to an arrest get an official Sheepshead Bites trout flavored Slushie!

(Ed. — No they don’t… and that’s disgusting.)


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