‘Round Brooklyn: Voter Purge, Bribery, Gun Violence And More

‘Round Brooklyn: Voter Purge, Bribery, Gun Violence And More
(Photo by Francisco Daum)
(Photo by Francisco Daum)

It’s summertime and the living is easy (unless you’re in the U.K.)  However, we’ve got all kinds of news to sort out. So, find a spot in the sun, get comfortable, and we’ll catch you up on what’s been going down ’round the county of Kings.

Build it Back suspended its construction projects in Brooklyn after a home collapsed in Gerritsen Beach. [Sheepshead Bites]

Meet the documentary filmmakers of the raging ‘Gowanus Current’. [Park Slope Stoop]

Grown up food and coffee on tap at kid-friendly Bay Ridge cafe. [Bensonhurst Bean]

Voter purge hit Sunset Park and Hispanics the hardest. [Sunset Park Voice]

The 2016 Ultimate Guide to Drinking and Dining Outside in Ditmas Park. [Ditmas Park Corner]

After their dad’s death, three brothers are determined keep their father’s thrift store — and his memory — alive. [BB]

3 High-Ranking NYPD officers and businessman arrested for two separate bribery schemes. [DPC]

‘Less Business Is Fine With Us’ says Green-Wood Cemetery; calls for end to gun violence. [PSS]

A man who allegedly stabbed two people at sushi restaurant while his baby wailed nearby. [SB]


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