Ride The B Line For Free, In the Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Everyone here at the Sheepshead Bites offices has been staring at this hypnotic video we found of a simulated B Train running express from Prospect Park to Brighton Beach in a virtual environment.

For those wondering what you’re looking at, it’s not footage of a hijacked subway via some Grand Theft Auto-type video game. Rather, it’s a video capturing OpenBVE software in its full glory.

OpenBVE is an open source program for Windows, Linux and Mac created by dedicated train simulating enthusiasts. This particular video was created by AlognquinRider810.

According to Wikipedia:

Users operate trains from the cab controls viewing the track ahead, or from trackside with a roaming view of the 3D exterior and railway scenery. The goal is to successfully drive a selected railway route and train, obeying signals, making stops on schedule, picking up and dropping off passengers, without speeding or derailing.

So, it’s like the opposite of Grand Theft Auto. That’s all well and good, but wouldn’t it be more fun to see what happens when you send the B Train hurtling at high speed off the rails of the elevated platform? I mean, for educational purposes, of course.

For those without the patience to see their local train stop in full 3D glory, skip to 10:45 to see the train pull into the Sheepshead Bay station.