Restaurant Review Mania: Metromix’d Up

(Image courtesy of Metromix)
(Image courtesy of Metromix)

Before we get on to the reviews, we’d like to turn your attention to Metromix’s recently published profile about Sheepshead Bay food and nightlife. We’re flattered for such an extensive profile, but our eyebrows went up when he said we’re an area of “cheap beer and imaginary Russian raves in strip malls by the sea.” He added, “Sheepshead Bay … is a strange, strange neighborhood. … The picturesque inlet more or less turns into Cirque du Soleil on Friday and Saturday nights.” He also said Lundy’s used to be a steakhouse, but we’re turning the other cheek.

Spandexed clowns aside, he did a pretty good overview including many places our readers probably haven’t visited. Sure, he hit up the local legends like Randazzo’s and Roll-n-Roaster, but he also stopped by some novo-Sheepshead locales that are changing Sheepshead’s rep. Check it out to see his take on Baku Palace, Sweika and New Cats Cafe among others. Thanks for stoppin’ by, Metromix.

Now on to the reviews:

Did someone say Randazzo’s (2017 Emmons Avenue)? Debbie N. of Swathmore, P.A., got wind of the rep and went to check it out. She thought it wasn’t worth the long wait.

I like Latin food, and I was just saying today how there’s a shortage of good Latino places in the area. So I was glad when we heard from magicloop2009 about La Villita (1249 Avenue U). Apparently, the chicken quesadillas, Mexican red rice, and chicken chillattas are top-notch. But what they do to the bathroom is not.

Reviewer Baby S. is in love with Bagel Boy (1602 Avenue Z). She digs the service and the food, but her only regret is her worry about an increasingly bagel-shaped butt.

After her bagel, Baby S. rounds the corner over to Anatolian Gyro (1605 Sheepshead Bay Road), where she eats at least once a week. She heartily recommends the babaganoush, which “has a proper balance of garlic and vinegar, two of the ingredients that we have seen other places abuse, but never here.”