Redfish Smoking Graffiti Flyers Raises Questions

redfish smoking lisanne anderson july 2009 flickr

(Photo courtesy of Lisanne Anderson)

Those of you around Sheepshead Bay who have seen this mysterious “REDFISH SMOKING” flyer posted all around the neighborhood are probably confused about what it means. You’re not the only ones who are confused. The flyer is prompting questions about who is plastering them all over and even more importantly: Why?

On Lisanne Anderson’s Flickr page, where the photo was originally found, commenters are saying that it might be an unsuccessful viral marketing campaign. If it is to market something, then what?

There is a website called redfishsmoking, so it might be that they are just looking for hits. If so, the real hit they should expect is one to their wallet, in the form of a fine from the city.

These illegal and annoying posters definitely need to stop. I am only vaguely curious as to what the message “Redfish Smoking” means so that I can call these people out for their paper graffiti.

Illegal postings are not as “victimless” as they might seem. What about the business owner who now has to spend money, time and effort trying to clean this junk off the door?

If you know anything about this sign and the people who have perpetrated this ‘crime’, we advise you to call 3-1-1 or one of your local politicians. Or, maybe, we need to wait until they post the sign on every single pole on the block where one of our local politicians lives.