Proposed SBS Route Could Wipe Out Parking On Kings Highway

The b82 bus.
The b82 bus. (Source: MTA)

Community leaders are concerned that a proposal to bring Select Bus Service (SBS) through Kings Highway could bring further congestion to an already cramped commercial corridor.

The MTA is considering adding SBS to the B82 route, which runs from Seaview Avenue in Canarsie to Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island. The route travels along Kings Highway, a busy business district that narrows to two lanes after Nostrand Avenue. When SBS was added to the B44 route on Nostrand Avenue, the DOT created a dedicated bus lane to speed service along the route.

Community Board 15 chairwoman Theresa Scavo said a bus lane through Kings Highway would have to go through parking lanes along the street. Losing parking spots would discourage shoppers from visiting the area, she said.

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“If you put in a bus lane, where is that going to go on Kings Highway? You would have to take away parking. If I was a business merchant, you might as well kill my business right now,” she said. “This would be a disaster for Kings Highway.”

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch agreed that a dedicated bus lane on Kings Highway would be ill-advised, though he cautioned the proposal was in the early stages and plans for a bus lane have not been put forward yet.

“Nothing is set in stone at this point,” he said. “But any time you take away parking spots, it would definitely affect the businesses. People who use their cars to come to the shopping districts will have a more difficult time finding parking and they will be discouraged from coming there.”

Deutsch said he has met several times the DOT and MTA to discuss the proposal. Scavo said city officials briefly discussed the plan with the community board last year.

The B86 bus route.
The B82 bus route. (Source: MTA)

A spokesperson for the DOT said the agency has made no decisions about where or if the new SBS route would have a dedicated bus lane. The spokesperson said the DOT is also encouraging commuters to submit feedback about the proposal, which can be done here.

Adding SBS along the B82 route is part of a larger plan to expand transportation options in southern Brooklyn. A 2009 DOT study found that commuters in the area desired better crosstown service. The MTA is also considering bringing SBS to the B6 route, which runs through Midwood on its way from Bensonhurst to East New York. The city says the expansion will bring riders faster, more reliable service.

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  1. Absolutely NOT!!! Where are people going to park? Parking is at a PREMIUM right now. And, as for the B6 route, that’s another one that is a no go. Why does the MTA keep making so many BAD decisions!!

  2. Do you see how much longer those SBS buses are , the B44 SBS buses block Brigham Street and Shore Parkway every time at that stop…. I have waited for the regular B44 bus at Nostrand Ave and Ave Z and I tell you at least 3 or 4 SBS buses pass by practically empty before a regular B44 bus comes. The MTA needs to evaluate those SBS buses, make necessary changes and why can’t the SBS buses be a regular size bus, why does it have to be so long?

  3. Absolute chaos to Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue. This bs crap by these theives needs to be stopped! The B82 is already a limited. It’s fine. Enough! Enough of an assault on the middle class.

  4. “Losing parking spots would discourage shoppers from visiting the area.”

    As opposed to terrible bus service discouraging shoppers? The contempt of CB members for anyone who rides the bus is shameful. The MTA and DOT should be improving bus service, not parking.

  5. What parking? There’s no place to park on Kings Highway unless you get there just after sanitation sweeps, and even then, you’ll be 3 seconds too late. How about building a municipal parking lot on some of the empty lots in that area? The city will get money, drivers will get their dedicated parking spaces, non-drivers will actually be able to use fast bus service, and Kings Highway might actually be worth going to because it’s not a cluster!

  6. There’s more ridership further up, especially in Flatbush, Crown Heights & Bed-Stuy. You’re at the beginning of the route, so generally, buses are fairly empty.

  7. I agree that they should build a parking lot. On the Northeast corner of Kings Hwy and East 16th Street, there used to be a building that hosted a McDonalds,and a few other business. A while ago, that building was torn down, and a construction hole has remained. I hope they can build a parking lot in that space instead of development and no parking. We need less congestion, and faster buses, not more congestion due to development making the city richer!!! Kings Hwy is already congested during the PM weekday hours. Also, I think they should reroute the B7 and B82 from Kings Hwy to Avenue P between Ocean Avenue and East 16th Street (the buses can use East 16th Street and East 17th Street to get between Kings Hwy and Avenue P; also, the East 18th Street/Avenue P and Ocean Avenue stops can be moved to Avenue P as well). This way, there can be more spaces to park, and buses are more reliable. Lets make sure that they don’t install a bus lane between Ocean Avenue and Bay Pkwy, and also, on Flatlands Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and Utica Avenue. Its also too narrow, and the buses there already move fast between Flatbush and Utica, especially the B82 Limited.

  8. They don’t care about us. The only reason for the delay was to accommodate the new building that was put up on East 16th Street. As soon as it was finished they started blocking all the turns on the street and laying down the bus lane


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