Prius Bike Lane Squeeze Yields 4 Smashed Cars At Berkeley Place

We’ve seen some successful parking antics in the past — graceful and seemingly impossible parallel parking in matchbox-sized spots, putting quarters in the meter moments before a traffic agent writes you a ticket, and making it out of an ice-laden spot in the dead of winter without spinning out of control.

In this case, we can’t report successful heroics.

NBC 4 New York reports that a 74-year-old man attempted to squeeze through double-parked cars and didn’t make it through.

According to both witnesses and the police, on Tuesday at about 12:40pm, the Prius turned into a bike lane near Berkeley Place ans 7th Avenue, hoping it to be a clear and wide enough path. Instead, the driver hit four cars, and ended up stuck between two of them.

Luckily, no injuries took place during the incident.

Witness Alexander Meditz spoke with NBC 4 New York. “I saw the Toyota make a turn and hit the car on the right. The man then proceeded to make his turn hitting the car on the left,” said Meditz. “He continued to force his way between the two cars and then ended up getting completely stuck between the next set of cars.”

Meditz also notes that a nearby traffic agent was initially unresponsive when witnesses requested their assistance. “The officer reluctantly came over [and]  the man asked for his name and badge number for doing nothing while this man damaged four other vehicles,” he said.

However, cops did arrive after witnesses called 911.


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