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Prime Minister Of Israel Pigs Out On Midwood’s Kosher Food


Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu came to visit New York this past weekend and seems to have had a major craving for the Eastern European kosher fare from Midwood’s Pomegranate supermarket.

While staying in a Manhattan hotel, he ordered every single item from the 1507 Coney Island Avenue supermarket’s “to go” menu, according to the Jewish Press. The list includes staples like gefilte fish, cholent and kugel.

The order was placed on Friday, right before the start of Shabbat. The senior chef at Pomegranate worked double-time to ensure the food was ready and delivered before the Sabbath. Bibi’s total tab was about $1,800.

As a side note, the store is owned by Abraham Banda, a Satmar Chassid. While various interpretations exist, Satmar politics normally dictate that the State of Israel is a violation of Jewish teachings. Whether or not this plays into Bibi’s dining choice may not matter, as everyone knows that a good cholent can bridge any opposing political ideologies.

Here’s to peace in the Middle East.

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  1. Wonder why he didn’t try one of the many kosher NYC delis like Adelman’s, Mill Basin Deli., Jay & Lloyd’s, Loeser’s, Liebman’s, 2nd Avenue Deli, Fine & Schapiro, etc.

  2. Seriously, ” PIGS out on kosher food?” I know this is a liberal blog and all but some common sense would be nice.

  3. Bruce, we both know I never cared much for political correctness but if something is in poor taste I point it out. I certainly don’t ask for the headline to be delete, as has happened many time with my own comments.

  4. Never mind all that – an $1,800 bill?

    Which begs the question: How much did the Challah Cost?

  5. The “pig” comment undermined the entire article. Insulting and offensive – intentionally so. Shame on you. One look at the “author’s” name tells the story.

  6. you really are a fuckin rat you degenerate. keep drinking the muslim propoganda cool-aid that the liberal media has embraced so much. Israel more aggressive than Iran? what planet do you live on you moron?

  7. not nice…this media crap..they will say anything to get attention with headlines…laura used the wrong wording and should take journalism 101 again…maybe ned should proofread these greenhorns so not to offend our population…

  8. I thought the title of the article was humorous. After all, we aren’t allowed to eat pigs, but we can use speech. Also, he ordered *everything* on the takeout menu, $1800 worth of food. Did he have a lot of guests or was he being a “chazer” (literally a pig, as in glutinous)? I’ll guess ghe former.


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