Police Officer Accused Of Abusing His Authority At Local Lounge

(from firebell.net)

According to the New York Times, Police officer Admir Kacamakovic threatened and assaulted two patrons – illegally cuffing one of them – three years ago in front of neighborhood watering hole the Living Room Lounge.

From the Times:

The episode was one of several examples of misconduct cited by federal prosecutors as they arrested Officer Kacamakovic, 31, a seven-year veteran of the force, on charges of a civil rights violation and gaining access to a law enforcement database without authorization.
The patron who was handcuffed filed a civilian complaint against Officer Kacamakovic. Both patrons filed a civil suit against the city based on the officer’s conduct.

He was allegedly acting on behalf of a cousin who owned and operated the bar, telling the two victims, “No one f—‘s with my cousin’s place.”

According to the charges, Officer Kacamakovic later used a computer in his patrol car to search a FBI database for information on the complainant.

The criminal complaint against the accused officer also contends that his supposed cousin was the subject of a recent federal narcotics investigation.

The violent episode, which occurred on July 4, 2008, reportedly stemmed from a disagreement over a parking spot.

Kacamakovic is also charged with helping the proprietor to obtain fraudulent driver’s licenses from the state of Virginia.

Curiously, Special Agent Warren Chiu, the investigator for the case, was unable to confirm that Kacamakovic and his accomplice are, in fact, related.

The accused police officer was released yesterday after being arraigned.