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Pizza D’Amore To Open On Avenue U Near Batchelder Street

Photo by John H.
Photo by John H.

Tipsters let us know that Pizza D’Amore is preparing to open up shop at 3003 Avenue U, the former storefront of Pizzeria Del Corso and Sammie’s Pizza.

It’s the latest outpost for the pizzeria, which also has locations in Mill Basin and Bensonhurst’s Ceasar’s Bay. The storefront is being fully renovated and the exterior got a major facelift.

The previous tenant, Sammie’s Pizza and Restaurant, opened in 2011 and closed up shop some time ago after failing to make much of a mark in the neighborhood. And, to be fair, they had big shoes to fill after taking the spot over from Pizzeria Del Corso, run by pizza prodigy Nino Coniglio.

We’ve heard good things about Pizza D’Amore, though, and readers of our sister site Bensonhurst Bean nominated it as one of that neighborhood’s best slices.

Best of luck to the new owners, and we look forward to grabbing a bite soon!

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  1. can’t wait for this place to open, if it’s anything like the mill basin store, it’s gonna be just great !!

  2. How many times has a pizza place opened at this location only to close? I wish them luck, but knowing the past I won’t expect much.

  3. Pizza D’Amore is one of the best pizza places in Brooklyn, but no one talks about it because they focus on other great places. I hope they have the restaurant food too, because their dishes are unbelievable!

  4. Forget about their pizza!!! Have you been to their restaurant on Mill Avenue in Mill Basin???? To die for!!!!! It’s a MUST VISIT!!!!!!!!!

  5. I totally agree! . Great food, great ambiance and, from what I’m told, the best looking waiters in NYC.

  6. Yes, Roma Pizza previously occupied this location after moving from their original spot on Ave U near the corner of Haring Street (now part of Mandees) after many decades. Pizza D’amore has now taken over the corner storefront on Batchelder St. as well to expand their restaurant


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