Photos: Native American Pow Wow At Floyd Bennett Field


Thousands flocked to this year’s Red Hawk Native American Art Council Pow Wow at Floyd Bennett Field this year, a weekend event where descendants of Native Americans take back a chunk of the parkland where their ancestors once lived and fished.

Reader Vladimir K. attended the annual event and took some stunning photos to share, as well as a little report about how the event went.

“[At the event] you’ll be able to see a wide variety of Native American souvenirs on sale, admire the “Birds Of Prey” show and watch quite a few men and women dancing Native American dances in their versions of Native American costumes. All the dancing happens to the Native American tribal music played live right in front of you,” he wrote to Sheepshead Bites.

“Not many but a few of those guys have faces right from the The Last of the Mohicans. A few others could be extras on the Apocalypto,” Vladimir added.

Aside from kid friendly activities and live music, a major highlight of the event is the Birds of Prey show, where trainers display hawks and other raptors and bring them up close to attendees.

“Bottom line: if you live nearby, have children from 5 to 12 and like to shoot pictures occasionally – it makes sense to go at least once,” Vladimir concluded.

Here are the terrific photos he sent us:


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