Photos: Bites Readers Capture Dramatic Clouds, Flash Floods During Yesterday’s Storm

Yesterday’s heavy rains came and went – quite quickly – and, with it, Sheepshead Bay residents were granted a reprieve from August’s heat and humidity.

But they weren’t spared flooding and transportation woes.

The B/Q train was briefly detoured after a tree limb dipped down to track level. Buses in the area, in particular, the B44 on Nostrand Avenue, were also detoured to a possibly related manhole fire between Avenue N and Avenue L. Con Edison remains on the scene as of this writing, and buses are still detoured near Kings Highway.

Our readers whipped out their cameras to capture the dramatic clouds as they rolled in, as well as flooding all around Sheepshead Bay.

Above, reader Max Krishtul captures the storm as it rolls into Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach from the north.

Similarly, our Erica Sherman got a view of the photo, ominously hovering above El Greco Diner:

And, moments later, as Sheepshead Bay Road and the El Greco parking lot began to flood:

Reader ShadowLock got caught at Shore Road and Avenue Z, which turned into a lake:

But some of the worst flooding we heard about appeared to hit Avenue U between East 15th Street and East 16th Street, where readers getting off at the Avenue U Q-line station found both street and sidewalk more than ankle-deep in water.

Elizabeth Yuen caught sent these photos in:

That was followed shortly by photos from Ariela Baranov of the same location:

Your humble editor, meanwhile, was no exception. The rains kicked in as I sat on a B49 to Kings Highway. Between stepping off the bus and getting to the curb, I was drenched – and my brand new sneakers proved not to be very water-resistant.

I made it a block and a half in the rain, before hitting East 21st Street at Kings Highway. There, the entire street was flooded as the waters came over the lip of the sidewalk. I ran into the nearest business – Brighton Eye (2025 Kings Highway) – to wait it out. There, I captured this video, as waves of water came up over the sidewalk. Eventually, the water came under the door, flooding the lobby of the business:

How did you weather the storm?


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