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Photos: Bayfest 2013 Proves What “Rain Or Shine” Really Means


While organizers of the not-so-Great GoogaMooga reneged on their “rain or shine” billing in the face of Sunday’s drizzle, hundreds of Sheepshead Bay residents flocked to Emmons Avenue to prove what the phrase really means.

Bay Improvement Group’s 22nd Annual Bayfest went forward despite a day-long downfall that appeared to come in from all directions. Attendance was surely hampered by the weather, and even several of the sponsors bailed (Sheepshead Bites set up table, but, without a tent, was forced to say our goodbyes after our materials took on too much water).

Organizers plowed ahead anyway, keeping good on their promise, with music blaring from two main stages and a handful of performance areas. Inflatable rides amused kids – and also provided brief refuge from the rain, and sponsors like Investors Bank kept in good spirits, cheering to the music with their teams and handing out goodies.

Aside from all fun – soggy or not – the group’s president, Steve Barrison, took a moment before the festivities to honor the  Department of Sanitation with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Barrison and the group thanked the department for lifting, carting and removing countless tons of debris in the months after Superstorm Sandy.

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  1. “Lifetime Achievement” sounds funny for a Department. They should have come up with a better name. Will the Department of Sanitation ever die? I hope not.

  2. “Lifetime Achievement” sounds funny for a department. They should have come up with a better name. Will the Department of Sanitation ever die? I sure hope not.

  3. I give you guys Brownie Points. Not like Googamooga that claimed to be “rain or shine.”

  4. We need big government so it has the money to give the IRS so it can conduct political harassment. It needs to be big enough to fund the harassment of journalists that don’t write sufficiently supporting material. We must be sure it has the money to create Benghazi talking points.

  5. On the other hand, we definitely need a government small enough to watch over what women do with their uteri, what we talk about on the phone and definitely small enough to start wars for fun and profit.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your regular garbage collection.


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