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Photo: NYPD Detains Disturbed Man On Bay Rd


Reader Alina T. sent in the above photo and filled us in on the incident, which occurred at around 9:00 p.m. Here’s what she says happened:

I was just on Sheepshead Bay Road and East 15th and there was a Russian guy – I believe he was either crazy or on drugs or something. He was standing in the middle of the street screaming, “People, people call 911! Call the police! Something is going to explode! Some house is going to explode! There’s a bomb”

He was begging in Russian and in English.

“People please call the police!”

Finally somebody called the police after like 10 or 15 minutes of him screaming and the police came and they took him away on stretchers.

It took 10 to 15 minutes for people to call police? Sheesh… that means it took at least the same for someone to call Sheepshead Bites. For shame!

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  1. With all the pressure or writing for and the heavy drug use I knew that Ned would finally snap, and this is the result.  Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  2. If you go to some of NYC’s poorer neighborhoods you will see that stuff like this happens on a a daily basis. 

  3. Since it’s Friday, a short story is in order here.

    Some years back, after I graduated college I was in search for a job.  The economy was really bad and the employment outlook was very much like it is now, bad.  I was on my way home from yet another pointless, time-wasting interview with no prospects having spend what probably was 10% of my remaining money on the metro card for the ride there and back.  I was fairly stressed out since I was running out of money and my prospect of even getting an interview for a decent job looked bleak.

    Anyway, at one of the stations, into the trains walks in this middle age black lady and start screaming about something or other.  I don’t remember the details now but she was clearly annoyed at life and something really bothering her.  Now had it been just another day I would have thought, Woh this lady is just nuts.  But than I thought, I have no money, no job, and really no prospects, yet, I live with my parents, I have a college education, so even if I don’t find a job in two years I will still be more or less okay.  And than I imagined what would it be like if I was in the same situation, but had a family to support and just spent the last of my money on my metro card.  And I thought  to myself, you know, I could foresee a situation where I would be so stressed that I would be yelling on the train just like this lady, cause it’s really not that hard to get into a spot where you see no way out.

    What I am trying to say is, sometimes you see a person who is acting all crazy and it’s funny, but there is actually not so long a path for you to becoming this same person if enough stress accumulates in your life.  That is my sermon for today.

  4. Deranged people are known to reffer to themselves in the thir person.  Let’s all prey for Ned’s quick release.

  5. Everyone is sheepshead bay knows crazy george. Well crazy george is crazy and he screams at everyone and tells everyone he will kill them. He yells on the B36 and at Mcdonalds. This guy is a total lonley bin.

    Some people actually took videos of him. If you go on youtube and type in crazy george sheepshead bay. you will see what i mean

  6. Does anyone know what this disturbing sound all night was about? I don’t know if they are doing construction but I’ve been hearing things waking me up ALL night long, I’m by Z and 15th St. There was some kind of machine outside, I have no idea where but the sounds destroyed my sleep. 

  7. It may have been the garbage trucks. They used to come in the mornings, but they now work throughout the night. This is a result, I’m told, of the Boxing Day Blizzard and the criticism that followed. Now, to be more storm-ready, all of Sanitation’s shifts during the winter are equally staffed. That means there’s a lot more guys during the night, and rather than stand around waiting for a blizzard, they get started on garbage cleanup.

    I live very near the location you’re talking about, and I heard the trucks outside of my house sometime around midnight.

  8. Hi Ned,

    I don’t think it was trucks, I did hear trucks, but I heard something totally different it was more like construction; I can’t put my fingers on it I know I didn’t imagine it nor it came from my apartment it was a steady sound kind of construction like that went away and returned and back and forth. It was VERY annoying and did wake me and my wife up plenty of times, we looked out the window and saw nothing. I was thinking something on SHB was going on because of the signs they put up the other day but I’m not sure.. If it happens again tonight I will be sure to go outside with a camera and give you the heads up. Any loud noises 3AM + shouldn’t be allowed, we couldn’t even describe it to 311 whatever it was it was just horrible.

  9. i love that guy!

    seen him flip out for no Reason at some black folks once…… think he’s Schizophrenic.

  10. on wednesday i passed by two middle aged russian men, one had a  shopping cart with him (or w/e the hell its called), and one of the two, the younger, just kept cursing and yelling in russian. 

    I passed by, figuring the two are arguing and all of those niceties were directed at one another. When i got further down the block ( was on East 14th between Ave Z/Sheepshead Bay and the library) i thought i heard them getting into a fist fight and yelling obscenities…. it was just very odd. Wonder if this was the same guy…. 

  11. George once said to me that he is going to kill everyone in the neiborhood.  I replied “No, you really don’t want to do that”, to which he replied, “Yes I do.  Just wait till I get my gun, then you’ll see”.  He also tried to punch my car one day while I was parked and waiting for my nail salon to open.  I jumped out before he made contact and told him that I would kick his ass if he touched my car.  He moved along when he saw that I wasn’t about to back down.  Yeah, George is a wild man.  He goes to visit and curse at the guys in 7-eleven on Nostrand Avenue quite often.  They are nice to him though.  Every time he gets a dollar from someone, he gives it to them to hold until he has enough saved for a pack of cigarettes. 

  12. Crazy George is great, I have seen him a million times in and outside of Dunkin Donuts on Ave X & Nostrand. It’s a wonder no one has beat him down since he always curses people and threatens to shoot and stab them. Sheepshead Bites should do a story on the legend of crazy george of the sheepshead houses, lol.

  13. The streets and especially the subways are populated by deranged people ranging from Bible-thumping women hoping for my Salvation to really scary men who talk to themselves and sleep aboard the subways from one end of the line to the other. Someone told me this bumper crop of emotinally disturbed people is a result of De-Institutionalization that used to be wide spread but is now deemed to be Politcally Incorrect.

  14. That auxiliary officer in the photo should be wearing his hat. The regular officers are excused as they are physically engaged. I see a lot of young auxiliary officers from the 61 Pct. and they are often out of uniform, meaning ‘no hats’. It is a bad habit that better supervision could fix. Mainly, they seem to do a good job.

  15. I was told very recently that the zombies of the true Apocalypse were here and possibly following me. This was while my groceries were being bagged. The crazy has 
    always been in Sheepshead Bay…. and now with zombies. 

  16. I heard loud booms. Thought they were doing something at the construction site on Z and 17th. My second thought was the subway tracks or a condenser. 

  17. George is OK, he hates everyone equally. He got very angry with me because I refused to take his pic. Imagine, ME, refusing to take a pic. I did not like how he said “take a picture of me”, so I said no….then it was off to the races. I think someone should make sure he takes his meds. because some days are better than others. He’s a real charm when he gets his checks. LOL

  18. We have a neighbor who has this metal fence that is falling over in a few spaces, the constant clang-clanging in the middle of the night gets exhausting! I have offered to help repair the “fence”, put high beam lights into their windows to wake them up- nothing seems to help. Maybe the wind kicked up to hard and caused someones heavy metal (no pun intended) to start up in the middle of your sleep? Getting ready to report the nabes and the construction site they abut to 311 if it happens again tonight..sorry nabes, I DID offer to come over and help you fix this horrible problem!

  19. i know both Auxiliary Officers there personally and when your are responding to a scene like that you dont always think “let me grab my hat” before you get out the van so before you criticize them why dont you stop and try to put yourself in their shoes for a second and they are excused too because they may have become physically engaged at any second

  20. @subwatstinker

    i know both Auxiliary Officers there personally and when your are responding to a scene like that you dont always think “let me grab my hat” before you get out the van so before you criticize them why dont you stop and try to put yourself in their shoes for a second and they are excused too because they may have become physically engaged at any second

  21. I used to work at the boost next to that dunkin donuts,he would threaten everone but loved me,would always stop yelling at people when he saw me and would apologize,i asked why he yells,he went on for hours about his mother only gives him $20 a day and he hates his medication and only yells when he doesnt take it,then he told me with a smile shakeing from his 30th coffee “when i do kill everyone i wont kill you,i like your car”

  22. Coulda’ been if there were witnesses. LOL . Right now I sport one that says “I live in my own world but it’s OK they know me here”. And yes, we are all comfortable.
    I also say, “been there, done that, sent the postcard”. So don’t wait for me to send one.

  23. That is certainly reassuring.  I hope that he remembers that he is not going to kill you!  Great story.

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  25. I knew George since he was about 6 years old; he lived right around the corner from me. He was certainly different than the rest of the kids growing up. I am quite surprised that he was never institutionalized.


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