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Photo: Local Captures Terrifying Cloud As Storm Rolls Into Sheepshead Bay


When the Mayans scheduled the end of the world for 2012, they must have caught a glimpse of the photo above.

Reader David Janicki caught this haunting photo of the ominous black storm that rolled over Sheepshead Bay yesterday evening, dumping several inches of rain on the neighborhood. He was standing behind the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (3076 Emmons Avenue), and whipped out his cell phone and took this doozy of a shot.

From the photo, it appears to be centered over Brighton Beach. And, hey, I’m pretty sure if the world was going to end, Brighton Beach is as good a place as any to serve as Ground Zero. We blame Russian Dolls.

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  1. I can only assume that this, my absolute favorite scene from the movie 2012, played out somewhere outside of Oceana.

  2. I was out with the dog and saw the sky through obstacles.  I saw the lightening and how fast it was moving, frightening. 
    Glad you got such a great shot David. Thanks for sharing.

  3. In the the panic, people ran for cover and dropped their groceries.

    Yes….the streets ran red with borscht.

  4. That’s a great picture. It didn’t look as bad in Coney Island for some reason.

    I don’t understand the panic. Come on, man up. You have much bigger chance of being moidered (that’s Brooklyn for ‘murdered’, you hipsters) than being hit by lightning.

      I was at Peggy O’Neills enjoying the Rockinghams. They closed up shop a set early due to the oncoming clouds. I was with 2 friends. One, like me, is a bit of a storm hound, we looked forward to the coming ‘disaster’.   The other one wimped out and took a bus the short distance we had to travel. I was happy to see some Coney Islanders acting like nothing was happening, they were going to get every last minute out of their enjoyment for the day.

       I got rained on. Somehow, some way I survived. Don’t know how. Don’t tell my mother. She is in the majority that thinks that if a drop of rain hits you, you will suffer some kind of serious consequence. Maybe I shrank. Maybe when rain hits a 56 year old male, he gets pregnant. I’ll have to check.

      How about the people that carry an umbrella at all times? Can’t be too safe. A RAINDROP CAN HIT AT ANYTIME!. Hey, I know someone who wore a pancho on a water ride at Disney!  Not much can embarrass me, but that would have!

       There was only one time I was scared out of my soul (yes, I had an out-of-Sheepshead Bay incident).  The famous Labor Day 1998. I was on the boardwalk when I and others noticed a curious swirl of wind down Coney Island on the beach. Suddenly, with no warning, the sky got pitch black, and winds and rain came, uplifting heavy garbage cans and trees. I  was running for my life. Left my sunglasses on for fear of stuff hitting my eyes, but that reduced my vision. Helped a lady back on her feet up one of those side streets from Bay 1 to S. Bay, and then continued running for my life. Fortunately I was still able to run at good speed at 42 years old (now I would take twice as long).

        Does anybody remember that one?

  5. Well, next time the world’s coming to an end, I can do the same thing as the last time I really thought the world was coming to an end, as an almost 7-year old, (ends up it was the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I didn’t know that),

       My friend and I figured we’d survive by hiding between 2 cars in the (outdoor) parking lot of the project. Yep, that woulda saved me.

        I just revisited that exact spot last week in Canarsie!

  6.  I was at the West Indian parade by eastern pkwy…trees down, people seeking cover under cars…trains stopped running due to debris on the track

  7.  Funny that I have only the vaguest memory of the Cuban Missle Crisis. (Time sure does fly, that was 50 years ago in October) But the hurricane that hit us a couple years earlier scared me far, broke every window on the north side of the house. I thought that was the end of the world.

  8. I didn’t realize until many, many years later what all the end-of-the-world talk was about during those October days. Geez, I’m kind of glad I was oblivious at age 7. I would have been much more frightened if I knew the facts. It’s chilling reading about it to this day.


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