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Photo: Last Remnants Of Garage On East 16th Street, Avenue Z Demolished


Contractors demolished the 38-year-old garage at 1515 Avenue Z this morning, eliminating the last remaining marker of the mechanic and gas station that formerly occupied the East 16th Street corner.

The owners, October Sky LLC, purchased the property at auction for $4.75 million last year, and told Sheepshead Bites in February they’d be turning it into a parking area. In the last few weeks, contractors put down gravel, painted parking lines, and opened up the lot for monthly parking tenants.

The added parking spaces are not only a boon to commuters and Sheepshead Bay Road’s parking starved businesses, but also for October Sky. It could lead to the eventual legalization of a nearby development at 1401 Avenue Z, which was constructed without the necessary number of parking spots. The developer previously filed plans to build a nine story mixed-use building across the street at 1508 Avenue Z (a.k.a. 1501(c) Sheepshead Bay Road), filling it with offices and a 101-car parking garage, which October Sky hoped to split between the new building and the East 14th Street one, bringing it within the boundaries of the law.

Those plans were nixed, however, after local leaders blasted it, saying that it would create a traffic nightmare to have a valet parking garage of that size on congested Avenue Z.

More parking in the area will undoubtedly be welcomed by locals. But I, for one, really miss filling up my bicycle tires for free at the old station as a kid. But those days – days of free air and gas stations in Sheepshead Bay – are long gone.

Thanks to Andrea Coyle for the tip!

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  1. About an hour ago a gas leak developed on E16th and Z.
    An eyewitness said that the person doing the demolition of the bldg. shut down his equipment and left the area.

  2. For the price they paid for that land, I don’t see how they can charge enough and make money on that land, even to make a mortgage payment.

  3. This is obviously a temporary solution. If I had to guess, they’re waiting until their property across the street – the same property on which their plans were nixed – sells off so they have the free cash to develop. But they bought this at auction, so, assuming they had some funds on hand, it wasn’t a bad buy, and this is a solution that appears to work for them and for commuters.


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