Photo Finish: “Language Unites Us”

Photo Finish: “Language Unites Us”
Photos by Michael Randazzo.
Photos by Michael Randazzo.

Seen at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.

“Em Brownlowe is traveling across the country from Portland, Oregon and he sets up a stand to create spontaneous poems for those who want them – $5 a pop.”

Language unites us
this is why I am drawn
to writing for pedestrians.
Everyone has a story
Everyone a muse.
Today I connected with the full spectrum
of love
I wrote for a man
who was newly in love with
another man
whom he called his “special friend.”
I hope one day he is able
to shout out and express his love freely
in a world where no affection is
cast off in appreciation.
I wrote for a woman
who has lost love
her husband rendered
by drugs and ruin.
I, too, have been both victim and villain
in such affairs
and assured her in time
life will be resurrected
from the bottom up.
I wrote for a couple
shining bright in elation
for they are newly engaged
and excited for their future together.
This is why I write
Proving that language and poetry are not dead
and has the power to bring back
compassion in daily interactions
where we are no longer strangers
biting our tongues.

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