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Photo: Breakers Condo Development Rebuilding Pier Wiped Out By Sandy


I don’t think there’s any secret that there’s no love lost between myself and the Breakers condo development (3128 Emmons Avenue), which I’ve alternately referred to as “fugly,” the “fanciest storage unit complex in the borough,” and marketed by unscrupulous wags (who ultimately pushed the development into bankruptcy). So when the pier’s surface – built less than five years ago – totally separated from the pilings it stood upon during Superstorm Sandy, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a matter of shoddy construction or if somehow was hit by more force than some other older structures that took the water’s might with little damage.

Chances are, we’ll never know. But one of the development’s residents sent the above photo to us today, letting us know work on rebuilding the pier is well under way. We hope that it’s being built to be a little more future-proof, and capable of withstanding a Sandy-like event.

Oh, and after it came off and collided with the dilapidated club house of the Greenlawn Bungalow Colony, it settled next to the club house’s old pilings, and we got a shot of it a few days after Sandy.

Top photo by Albert.

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  1. The pier that the storm demolished was not built five years ago.
    It was the original pier from the beach club that occupied that spot previously.
    With the money issues the original builders had they cut every corner possible.
    Nevertheless I doubt any pier could have withstood the storm.

  2. I’ve never heard of someone having “no love lost” between himself and a condo. How does that work, is the next step a steel cage match. 🙂

  3. Actually it was built 5 years ago as I was present when they were building it. I was also present during the hurricane and trust me there was NO way any pier would hold up to what went on here.

  4. EO: I think you’re talking about the Greenlawn Colonoy pier, which housed the club house. That’s not the one I’m talking about, though it’s mentioned (and in one of the photographs) as it’s next door to this pier.


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