Pedestrian Hit Outside of Beverly Road Station

Updated at 11:45 p.m.

Neighbor Judith Stevens reports that her son witnessed a distressing accident on Beverly Road.

Hi-I don’t know too many details but around 6 this evening a pedestrian outside the Beverly Road station was hit by a car and taken away in an ambulance. My son overheard someone saying she looked dead “for a minute”. We don’t know what that means or how you follow up but this is the second accident in a fairly short time at that intersection. The person my son thought was the driver looked very upset but not drunk or anything.

Neighbor Pamela adds her perspective:

Hi,  just wanted to mention that a woman was hit by a car at about 6pm in front of the Beverley Rd train station. She seemed to be seriously hurt but was conscious.  Thought you might want to mention this. FYI, a few people who saw the accident said the driver ran a red light, but I arrived right after it happened so I can’t confirm. I hope she’s OK.

The police have responded through The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information:

I have no information on a pedestrian struck. If the person is critical or DOA we would be notified.

Did anyone else see this accident? If anyone can fill in some blanks, it would be much appreciated. We are, of course, most concerned about the current condition of the pedestrian who was hit. If you know anything, we want to hear from you.