Parking Removed During Guider Ave Construction

Traffic backs up to Neptune Avenue, forcing the DOT to remove parking spots at Avenue Z

This Wednesday, Department of Transportation workers arrived on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue Z and sawed down parking meters in front of the 99-Cent Store. The spaces are being used as a right turn lane for the duration of the Guider Avenue/East 8th Street Bridge reconstruction project.

The city made the move to replace the meters with “No Standing Anytime” signs after community complaints poured in about traffic backups all the way to Neptune Avenue. Because of construction on the bridge, commuters seeking Belt Parkway West are being detoured over the Coney Island Avenue bridge to Avenue Z.

North-bound Coney Island Avenue now has four lanes – two continuing north, one left turn, and one right turn. The project is scheduled to last from 12 to 18 months.

In the two days since the change has been in effect, we’ve heard that it has only been a minor improvement, as the bigger problem comes from people attempting to use the 99 cent store parking lot. Cars going in and out block off traffic coming from the Volkswagen garage and Shore Parkway North. We’ve also heard that at the worst times, traffic is still backed up to Neptune Avenue.