Parking Fee Rate Increases Have Been Nixed Citywide

Good news, everyone!

From the office of City Councilman Michael Nelson:

Recently, my office has been contacted by dozens of my constituents expressing their outrage over the monthly permit increases at the Brighton Beach Municipal Parking Lot.  However, today I am pleased to announce that with the help of Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilman James Vacca, chairman of the Council’s Transportation Committee, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be rescinding all citywide proposed monthly parking rate increases effective immediately.
Any individual who has paid the increased amount will receive a refund.  Furthermore, anyone who has yet to pay is only required to pay the current amount of $240.  The anger was well understood as the rates were scheduled to increase to a staggering $550 per quarter.  During these tough economic times, such an increase would have a detrimental effect on hard working New Yorkers whose budgets are already being squeezed for every last dollar.  Constituents with any questions regarding this matter can reach my office at (718) 368-9176.

In other news, all parking lots will be altered to accommodate bicycles only. Oh, just kidding. This time.