Park Slope Style: Jessica Doehle

Jessica Doehle

While I snap photos of actress Jessica Doehle, a woman stops to ask how she achieved her bombshell status hair. Jessica gives a step-by-step tutorial to the thankful stranger, later telling me that it happens a lot. I’m not the least bit surprised. At 6 foot sans heels, Jessica is hard to miss. Throw in piles of platinum curls and silk palazzo pants, and her style icon Marilyn Monroe is an easy reference.

“She’s my influence,” Jessica says. “If I question wearing an outfit, I ask myself ‘Would Marilyn wear this?’ and if she wouldn’t, I don’t either. It makes things a lot easier!”

Jessica Doehle hair

Hailing from LA, the actress (who you may have seen in Mad Men) has lived in New York for three years, and currently calls Park Slope her home.

“Greenwich Village was my first home in the city, but there is a peacefulness to Park Slope that you just can’t find over there. It’s alluring. You pass the same people on the street and start to know their name, their dog’s name, their children’s age. It’s an actual neighborhood! With organic food stores!”

One of her favorites?

“The juices from Back to the Land quell the West Coast in me,” she laughs. Walking alongside Jessica, I notice smiles from each passerby. Sorry Manhattan, but Park Slope definitely wins this round.

Jessica Doehle full shot


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