Overzealous Security Measures And Guards Prevent Students From Taking SATs At Murrow

Source: KF via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, after several high profile SAT student cheating scandals came to light, the College Board – fearful of a repeat performance – tightened its security measures. Unfortunately, it was to the detriment of several students scheduled to take the test at Edward R. Murrow High School, where many students were turned away from taking the test.

According to Gothamist, part of the board’s new security measures involve the showing of identification when arriving at a testing facility, returning from a break and handing in the finished test. Prior to the scandal, students could leave for a bathroom break without any ID verification.

This year, security staff administering the new regulations, turned away several students at Murrow, 1600 Avenue L, creating confusion and disappointment for the students.

Midwood High School senior Prianka Zaman took the test at Murrow. While she did not have any issues, she witnessed a classmate of hers, after not being allowed to take the test, in tears even though she had her ID and admission ticket ready.

Here’s what Zaman had to say:

She was prevented admission to the test because her school ID was faded even though she had a clear photo of herself on her admission ticket. A few minutes later, I saw another student walk out of the school because she was also denied entrance.
Another friend of mine had a faded school ID, but he had another ID from a volunteer organization with his picture on it. They didn’t accept it because it wasn’t a state issued ID. He called his mom, who frantically came to the school with his birth certificate. They still didn’t let him in.
After my test, I left the school and saw one of my friends sitting in the bench outside. Guess what? She was also denied entrance. They told her that her school ID picture was too faded and she would have to reschedule the test.

One student, who was not allowed entry, turned to desperate measures. He asked his mother to show up with his birth certificate. According to what security told them, this was not a valid form of ID either.

“I had a second ID from volunteering and they still said no because it wasn’t government issued. Then my mom got frustrated so she came with my birth certificate,” he said, “and they still wouldn’t let me in. Seriously, not even a birth certificate is valid? So now I have 2 IDs, my mother and a birth certificate. Honestly, use your common sense! Now I have to pay a $26 fee on top of the $50 fee to take it in November. The whole SAT process is messed up and stressful!”

The overzealous security did nothing to quell the anxieties of students who prepared for the SATs months in advance. For those who are applying for early admission would be unable to gain acceptance since taking the following SAT would make them miss the deadline.

“I understand that they are trying to give everyone a fair chance, especially after the recent cheating scandals. But this is just taking it too far,” concluded Zaman.


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