Open Thread: We Want To Know Your Favorite Foods!

Well, we didn’t post an open thread this week, and we’re also being forced to pass on The Bite.

So, we’re kinda-sorta combining all that action into one post. This one. You’re reading it. This is it. Amazed yet?


Sheesh, you’re all so darn demanding.

Well, in lieu of The Bite, which we had to cancel due to a few last minute snafus, we’re asking you to recommend specific dishes at specific restaurants for your fellow readers (and also, potentially, for future Bite columns).

Know of an exotic dish? Or do you just plain ol’ love the staple item from restaurant XYZ? Does one market you know of sell a rather unique tasting pickled herring that’s less herr-ific than others? Let us know in the comments where you can get it, why you love it and approximately how much it costs!

Oh, and it is still an open thread. So you can also talk about dog poop or something…