Open Thread: So How’s Everyone Doing?

It’s been weeks since we’ve done an open thread – since the Monday before Superstorm Sandy hit, to be precise – so here we are, attempting to return to normalcy.

I had hoped to do the first open thread about my reflections in the wake of Sandy, but it’s been a whirlwind time since then, and I just haven’t had time to sit down and organize my thoughts.

So instead I turn to you. It’s been more than three weeks since Sandy washed up on our shores, taking out homes and businesses, forcing hospitals to evacuate, and leaving cars littered through our streets like fallen soldiers.

But we’ve been rebuilding, all of us, and those stories of hope, optimism and perseverance have been inspiring.

So we want to know, how are you doing? How is your personal recovery going? And how much is there left to do for you?

Of course, it’s also an open thread, so yammer on as you please.


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