Open Thread Mondays: Stay Off My Property, Cat Lady

My block has had a crazy cat lady for several weeks now. I may have to trap her.

No, I’m not talking about the kind of crazy cat lady that owns 182 cats and, when someone finally calls Animal Care & Control, they find petrified cat corpses behind the couch.

I’m talking about the kind that feeds strays. On other people’s properties. And doesn’t listen when you ask them not to.

I like cats. I’ve got nothing against cats. I feel bad for stray cats.

Feeding them, though, is a risky proposition. Some wingnut animal advocates say it doesn’t hurt, while most agree that it causes a population problem, as well as leads to the spread of diseases (and the mutation of diseases). Those are two good reasons not to feed cats, though not the only ones.

But, crazy cat lady, if you’re reading this, and if you’re still going to feed them, which I know you are… feed them in front of your own damn house. You don’t even live on my block. You don’t have to deal with the problem. And you don’t have to pick up all the garbage you leave around. Clearly my neighbors agree. Half of them have put out signs – which you’ve ignored.

Also, stop lying to me. I’ve caught you twice and you still insist it’s not you (even though I caught you red-handed one of the times). Don’t make me set up a crazy-cat-lady-sized Have-A-Heart trap. I’ll have to buy a lot of peanut butter to lure you in…


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