Open Thread Mondays: Lights Out

Good morning, all!

No need for a series of roundabout statements to get to my point. It’s the same point Ray and I have made on Sheepshead Bites for the last two holiday seasons:

Where’s the holiday lights on Sheepshead Bay Road? Where’s the music they used to play?

Well, we know there’s no Business Improvement District on the road, which usually organizes such things. And the Merchant’s Association – or whatever it was called – vanished years ago.

And now the road is empty.

Well, this year, every business you enter on Sheepshead Bay Road, Avenue Z or Emmons Avenue – mention to the store owner that you’d like to see holiday lights and music in the streets. Also tell them you want to see indications that their business is giving back to the community, and that a merchant’s association is a great first start.

Maybe next year we’ll get what we really want.